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The quiz is about “Correct use of Tenses”. It will help you to practice the structure of sentences and paragraphs. Let us start the quiz about “Correct use of Tenses”.

The quiz is related to “Correct use of Tenses (Verbs)” This test is useful for Schools, Colleges, and Universities examinations related to the subject of English. The quiz “Correct use of Tenses” will also help to prepare for competitive examinations, GRE, NTS, PPSC, FPSC, and other tests.

1. Have they ever be to London?


2. A thief break into his house last night.


3. By the end of this year, we complete our syllabus.


4. By next May, I write this book.


5. Take your medicine. Then you feel better later.


6. Have you not lie the table yet?


7. Before the sun sets, we reach our home.


8. All the answers to this question be wrong.


9. Every time the teacher askes the question, I know the answer.


10. She contact us somehow.


11. A coward die many times before his death.


12. They hope that he pass the examination.


13. She lie in bed till 12 o’clock yesterday.


14. I enjoy literature. Up to now, I read hundreds of plays.


15. Graham Bell invent the telephone.


16. It is I who be in trouble.


17. The mother told her child not to play outside while it rain.


18. In the morning he count ten and then jumps out of bed.


19. Cobbler will mend your shoes as soon as he finish mine.


20. After the concert, everyone raise and clapped.


Sometimes we combine parts of a sentence that are in different tenses, for example, one part may be in the present tense and the other part may be in the future tense.

As a general rule, the verb tense you are using should be consistent throughout your sentence and your paragraph. Consider an example:

The sentence

“We had eaten dinner, and then we talked”

should be written as

“We ate dinner, and then we talked”

Correct use of Tenses

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