MCQs Mathematics 2

The GRE mathematical reasoning section tests your knowledge of arithmetic, basic algebra, applied mathematics, elementary geometry, and common graphs and charts. Let Starts with the GRE MCQs Mathematics quiz.

1. ABC works two part-time jobs. One week ABC worked 8 hours at one job, earning $\$150$, and $4.5$ hours at the other job, earning $\$90$. What were his average hourly earnings for the week?


2. In a certain population, 40% of all people have biological characteristics $X$; the others do not. if 8000 people have characteristic $X$, how many people do not have $X$?


3. If the value of a piece of the property decreases by 10% while the tax rate on the property increases by 10%, what is the effect on the taxes?


4. A certain photo state machine produces 13 copies every 10 seconds. If the machine operates without interruption, how many copies will it produce in an hour?


5. In a cafeteria, the people are either faculty members or students. The number of faculty members is 15% of the total number of people in the cafeteria. After some of the students leave, the total number of persons remaining in the cafeteria is 50% of the original total. The number of students who left is what fractional part of the original number of students?


6. A car dealer who gives a customer a 20% discount on the list price of a car still realizes a net profit of 25% of the cost. If the dealer’s cost is $4800 what is the usual list price of the car?


7. If $3x-5=x+11$, then $x=$?


8. If $x=\frac{y}{7}$ and $7x=12$, then $y=?$


9. If $x+y=8$ and $2x-y=10$ then $x=$?


10. If $7-x=0$, then $10-x=$?


11. For how many 3-digit whole numbers is the sum of the digits equal to 3?


12. $2000 amount is deposited into a savings account that earns interest at the rate of 10% per year, compounded semi-annually. How much money will there be in the account at the end of one year?


13. If $x=k+\frac{1}{2}=\frac{k+1}{2}$, then $x=$?


GRE Mathematics 1

The GRE mathematical reasoning section tests your knowledge of arithmetic, basic algebra, applied mathematics, elementary geometry, and common graphs and charts.

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The problem-solving questions are typically word problem questions. These sorts of questions are usually part of different competitive and ability tests.

GRE NTS Mathematics Practice Questions

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Learn Basic Statistics

GRE Sentence Completion 1

The sentence completion is to fill in the blanks. It is designed to understand the gist of something even without hearing (or reading) every single word

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The verbal portion of the exam contains 5 to 7 questions about sentence completion. The question may contain one or more blank spaces, each blank indicating that something has been omitted.

Sentence Completion Practice Questions

You have to read the sentence carefully, then choose the word, or set of words that, when put in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence.

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GRE Antonyms 2

The Basic idea of a GRE Antonyms question is to find the opposite meaning for a given word.

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Each of the following questions consists of a word in capital letters, followed by five words or phrases. Choose the word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters. Be sure to consider all the choices before deciding which one is best. The best strategy for GRE Antonyms is to:

Eliminate non-answers. One simple way to eliminate answer choices is to toss out any words that do not have opposite meanings.


It is okay to play around with the part of speech of a word if that helps to answer the question.