GRE Sentence Completion 1

The sentence completion is to fill in the blanks. It is designed to understand the gist of something even without hearing (or reading) every single word

MCQs about GRE Sentence Complete. English Sentence Completion Quiz

1. Although the conditions in which she chooses to live to suggest that she is miserly, her contributions to charities show that she is _____.


2. The plot of the movie was extremely complicated and included many minor characters _____ to the central events.


3. After a period of protracted disuse, a muscle will atrophy, _____ both its strength and the ability to perform its former function.


4. The quarterback’s injury was very painful but not _____, and he managed to _____ the game in spite of it.


5. When Great Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, many people expected Lloyd George to resign because his _____ tendencies made him an unsuitable leader during a time of conflict.


6. The governor’s intolerance of _____ among his aides was intensified by his insistence upon total _____ from all.


7. The chairperson, who is a specialist in French history, is a _____ speaker whose lectures on the French Revolution completely _____ studnets


8. There are many dialects of English with radically different pronunciations of the same word, but the spelling of these words is _____.


9. Even though he is a leading authority on the French Revolution, the chairperson of the department is a _____ speaker whose lectures on even the most exciting aspect of that historical period cause students to yawn and fidget.


10. The conductor’s choice of tempo seemed entirely _____, so that each successive movement of the piece seemed to have no necessary connection to what had come before.


11. The report issued by the committee was completely _____, extolling in great detail the plan’s strengths but failing to mention its _____.


12. There is no _____ for the United States to sign the treaty since there is every reason to believe no other nation intends to honor its provisions


The verbal portion of the exam contains 5 to 7 questions about sentence completion. The question may contain one or more blank spaces, each blank indicating that something has been omitted.

Sentence Completion Practice Questions

You have to read the sentence carefully, then choose the word, or set of words that, when put in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence.

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