Computer Science Intermediate Quizzes (Part II)

The subject of Computers is the main subject in ICS exams. This MCQ-type quiz is about the basics of computer science, information technology, Programming languages, and basic concepts about computer sciences. The test is designed for students and teachers to practice online on the website and prepare for the intermediate computer science exams. There are 20 MCQs in each Computer Science Intermediate Quizzes for Part II. Click the test below to start with Computer Science Intermediate Quizzes.

CS Intermediate Quiz 3CS Intermediate Quiz 2CS Intermediate Quiz 1
MCQs Computer Science Intermediate Quizzes

Computer science deals with the theory and methods of processing information, the design of computer hardware and software, and the application of the computer in industry, science, business, social sciences, and arts. Computer Science is the study of hardware, software, computation, and computer technology. CS courses are being taught in colleges and universities. Students of Arts can also select this subject.

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