English Preposition MCQs 1

English Preposition MCQS are very important for every job and competition-related examination. Prepositions are short words used to join nouns, pronouns, or phrasal nouns. The prepositions are often asked in the fill-in-the-blanks section of English or the sentence completion section.

For each question, choose the single best answer.

1. I phoned him last evening to congratulate ———- promotion.


2. The bank robber shot the guard ———- a gun.


3. No one can be prevented ———- enjoying his legal rights.


4. The candidates were directed to write the essay ———- blue ink.


5. The divers jumped ———- the river to take out the lost necklace.


6. To be appointed ———- this post, a candidate is required to be an M.A. with three years long experience.


7. When the property was divided ———- the two sisters, they seemed to be at daggers drawn with each other.


8. A person, gifted ———- common sense can make the right decisions.


9. He who teaches English should be good ———- it.


10. The patient complains to the doctor ———- headace.


11. There come thick clouds ———- the stadium when the players had started the paly.


12. No Pakistani leader can be compared ———- Quaid-e-Azam so fas as the honesty of purpose is concerned.


13. He has been blind, from birth ———- one eye.


14. No one should be surprised that the wrestler drinks, every day a jug full ———- milk.


15. Something traveling ———- intercity buses causes much-delayed reach.


16. Abiding ———- law is the culture of civilized nations.


17. What is the use ——— worrying about the lost treasures?


18. Where have you been ———- I last saw you?


19. Anyone, fond ———- mountaineering must reach the sky-touching peaks.


20. She burst ———- “I hate you!”


The use of Preposition in, on, at, then, a, an, since, for, by, with, for, and over, etc., in English sentences make it easy to secure good marks in testing services (NTS, Fpsc/Css Kppsc, Ppsc, Spsc, PTS, OTS, and others) and different school, college, and university examinations. Here you will find all the Important Prepositions Mcqs for Preparation. Simply choose the correct missing preposition in each sentence. Let us start with the Preposition MCQs test.

Prepositions often play a part in sentence correction questions. The test may provide you with a sentence that contains an improper preposition construction. You have to select the correct one.

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