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MCQs about Basic Business and Applied Mathematics for the preparation of Exams related to CA, CIMA, ICMAP, and MBA. MCQs cover many Business-related fields (such as Business Administration, Commerce, and chartered accountancy-related Institutes) in which the subject of Business Mathematics is taught.

This quiz covers topics related to Business and Applied mathematics such as selling price, revenue, cost, profit, retail price, marked price, rates, ratio, and basic arithmetics, etc.

1. If the capital of partners are invested for the same length of time, the partnership is said to be
none of the above


2. (Profit  ⁄ Cost Price) $\times$ 100 is equal to


3. (Loss⁄Cost Price) $\times$ 100 is equal to


4. A deduction that is offered on the mp or the list price of items by the seller to the purchaser is called


5. (Discount  ⁄  MP) $\times$ 100 is equal to


6. If the sales price is 672 and the profit is 5%, then the cost price should be


7. If the selling price of an item is greater than its cost price, then we earn


8. A trader sold a television for $1500. The price should he sell to get a profit of 20% is


9. A phone was purchased for £4000 and sold for £4800. The profit percentage should be


10. The annual income of a person is £530,000 and the exempted amount is £280,000. The income tax payable at the rate of 0.75% would be


11. Sara and Ali earned a profit of $500,000 from a business and their ratio of investment was 5:8, respectively. The profit of each should be


12. During the sale, a shop offers a discount of 8% on the marked price. If the marked price is $5500, then the purchase price of an oven should be


13. (Selling Price – Cost Price) is called


14. The marked price of a fan is £850, it is sold for £800. The percentage discount allowed is


15. If the selling price is selling price, the cost price is cost price, we get a loss when


16. (Cost Price – Selling Price ) is equal to


17. (Profit + cost) price is equal to


18. Marked price – sales price is equal to


19. (Cost price – Loss) is equal to


20. The price at which a particular item is purchased by a shopkeeper is known as


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