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Correct Use of Tenses 2

The quiz is about “Correct use of Tenses”. It will help you to practice the structure of sentences and paragraphs. Let us start the quiz about “Correct use of Tenses”.

The quiz is related to “Correct use of Tenses (Verbs)” This test is useful for Schools, Colleges, and Universities examinations related to the subject of English. The quiz “Correct use of Tenses” will also help to prepare for competitive examinations, GRE, NTS, PPSC, FPSC, and other tests.

1. His car collide with a truck last night.


2. He go to college nowadays at 8 o’clock.


3. They sit in the library when I saw him.


4. He found his book this morning but now he lost his pen.


5. She smile because she is happy.


6. He go to Karachi tomorrow.


7. He invite you to the cinema if he thinks you want to go.


8. The teacher said that it rain today.


9. My cousin ran so that he catch the train.


10. Her son ran away and she not see him for two years.


11. He is reading ‘The Times’ today, but on Fridays, he read ‘The New Statement’.


12. They say very little where there are strangers present.


13. He give me the camera I asked for.


14. Children do nothing but play.


15. At present he watch television.


16. I never understand what she says.


17. She repeat it all over again.


18. He fall in love with her over a year ago.


19. She did hard work and succeed.


20. He drink three cups of tea since 4 o’clock.


Sometimes we combine parts of a sentence that are in different tenses, for example, one part may be in the present tense and the other part may be in the future tense.

As a general rule, the verb tense you are using should be consistent throughout your sentence and your paragraph. Consider an example:

The sentence

“We had eaten dinner, and then we talked”

should be written as

“We ate dinner, and then we talked”

Correct use of Tenses

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