MCQs Pedagogy – 5

MCQs related to Pedagogy for Preparation. Important and repeated Mcqs of Pedagogy/ Education for test preparation of NTS, KPPSC, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, CSS, PMS, and Educators Test. These MCQs are also useful for primary school teachers (PST), subject specialists (SST), physical education teachers (PET), Drawing masters, and Arabic teacher tests.

Most repeated pedagogy MCQs with answers for all types of teaching tests including SST, PST, ETEA, and other teaching jobs and interviews.

1. An assessment that is carried out through the course is called__________?


2. Which of the following is related to teaching skills?


3. Which of these skills do you consider extremely important for a teacher?


4. An assessment that is conducted prior to the start of teaching or instruction is called _____________?


5. The best technique of teaching at the primary stage is ______________?


6. To read the lesson before teaching it is called ____________?


7. Realistic Education system supports the __________ progress.


8. According to John Dewey, educational process has two sides:


9. According to the theory of forms (or theory of ideas), material world is a/an __________ of the real world.


10. The main aim of classroom teaching is___________?


11. The Law of Effect can be effectively used in ____________?


12. A good teacher is one who:


13. Effective teaching is a function of_____________?


14. When the teacher displays picture for a second or two then asks students to describe as much as they can remember from what they saw he or she is trying to improve_____________?


15. The main objective of child centered teaching method is?


16. The use of a physical punishment for class management is called____________?


17. A common technique to help people begin the creative process is ____________?


18. To break information into parts and to examine the information is called ____________?


19. The determinant of teaching skill training is?


20. An assessment is __________ if it consistently achieves the same results with the same (or similar) students.


MCQs Pedagogy

MCQs Pedagogy – 4

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