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This post contains all the MCQs about the Number System from the Mathematics Book of Intermediate Part-I (First Year).

A numeral system is a way used to express numbers; that is, it is a mathematical writing system or notation that is used to represent the numbers of a given set consistently by using either digits or other symbols. The same sequence of symbols may represent different numbers in different numeral systems.

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Number System

The commonly used number system is the decimal positional numeral system. The decimal refers to 10 symbols: $0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9$ to construct all numbers.

In mathematics courses you have heard about number systems of whole numbers and real numbers, however, in the context of computer systems, the other types of number systems are:

  • The decimal number system
  • The binary number system
  • The octal number system and
  • The hexadecimal number system

Natural Numbers

One can use Natural numbers to count the number of subjects or objects. Natural numbers are also called counting numbers. The numbers $1,2,3,\cdots$ are all natural numbers.

Whole Numbers

The numbers $0,1,2,⋯$ are all whole numbers. Note that all the whole numbers except $0$ are natural numbers.

Number Line

The whole numbers are represented by points on a line called the number line. For this purpose, draw a straight line on a page. Choose a point on the line and label it as 0. Starting with 0, mark off equal intervals of any suitable length. Label the marked points as $1,2,⋯$, as shown in the Figure below. The figure below represents real numbers since it includes the negative number (numbers on the left of 0 in this diagram are called negative numbers).

Real Number Line

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