GRE Mathematics 1

The GRE mathematical reasoning section tests your knowledge of arithmetic, basic algebra, applied mathematics, elementary geometry, and common graphs and charts.

MCQs about GRE Mathematics

1. If $x$ and $y$ are both odd integers which of the following MUSt also be an odd integer?


2. If $pq \ne 0$ and $p=\frac{1}{3}q$, then the ratio of $p$ to $3q$ is


3. A salesperson works 50 weeks each year and makes an average of 100 sales per week. If each sale is worth an average of $1000, then what is the total value of sales made by the salesperson in a year?


4. If $x=1$ and $y=-2$, then $\frac{x^2 – xy}{y}=$?


5. $ 5^2 + 12 ^2 = ?$


6. Ali paid $48 for a jacket that was on sale for 25% of the original price. What was the original price of the jacket?


7. Usman left home with $60 in his wallet. He spent $\frac{1}{3}$ of that amount at the supermarket, and he spent $\frac{1}{2}$ of what remained at the drugstore. If Usman made no other expenditures, how much money did he have when he returned back home?


8. Which of the following numbers does NOT satisfy the inequality $5x – 2 < 3x – 1$?


9. If $x$ is an even integer and $y$ is an odd integer, then which of the following is an even integer?


10. Which of the following can be expressed as the sum of three consecutive integers?


11. If the square root of $x$ is greater than $x$ then $x$ could be


12. If $2x + 3y = 8$, and $y = 2x$ then what is the value of $x$?


13. If the areas of the three different sized faces of a rectangular solid are 6, 8, and 12, then what is the volume of the solid?


14. If $n-5$ is an even integer, what is the next larger consecutive even integer?


15. If $x^3 <x^2<x$ then the value of $x$ could be


16. If a certain chemical costs $50 for 30 gallons, then how many gallons of the chemical can be purchased for $625?


17. When 20 is subtracted from $-4$ the result is


18. If $x(y+z) = w$ and $x$, $y$, $z$ and $w$ are all integers, which of the following must be true?


The problem-solving questions are typically word problem questions. These sorts of questions are usually part of different competitive and ability tests.

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