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Matrices and DeterminantsMatrices and Determinants

Multiple Choice Questions about Matrices and Determinant from First Year Mathematics Book for the preparation of Examination and learning matrices in a quicker way.

1. The matrix $[6]$ is


2. Any matrix of order $1\times n$ is called


3. If any Matrix $A$ has different numbers of rows and columns, then matrix $A$ is


4. If a matrix $A$ has the same number of rows and columns, then Matrix $A$ is called


5. Two matrices $A$ and $B$ are said to be conformable for addition if


6. If any matrix $A$ has only one column, then it is called


7. If any matrix $A$ has only one row, then it is called


8. Any matrix of order $m\times 1$ is called


9. For the square matrix $A=[a_{ij}]$, if all $a_{ij}=0, i\ne j$ and at least one $a_{ii}\ne 0, i=j$, then $A$ matrix is called


10. Any matrix $A$ is called real if all $a_{ij}$ are


11. For the square matrix $A=[a_{ij}]_{n\times n}$, the elements $a_{11}, a_{22}, \cdots, \_{nn}$ are


12. If matrix $A$ is of order $m\times n$, then the matrix of order $n\times m$ is called


13. A rectangular array of numbers enclosed by a pair of brackets is called a


14. If a matrix $A$ has $m$ rows and $n$ column, then order of $A$ is


15. If all off diagonal elements are zeros and at least one of the leading diagonal is non-zero, then matrix is called


16. The element $a_{ij}$ of any matrix $A$ is present in


17. The horzontallines of numbers in a matrix is called


18. The verticle lines of numbers in a matrix are called


19. For the square matrix $A=[a_{ij}]$, if all $a_{ij}=0, i\ne j$ and all $a_{ij}=k$ (non-zero) for $i=j$, then matrix $A$ is called


20. For the matrix $A=[a_{ij}]_{n\times n}$, the elements $a_{1n}, a_{2n-1}, a_{3n-2}, a_{4n-3}, \cdots, a_{n1}$ form


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