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MCQs Economics – 3

Online Multiple Choice Questions about Economics for the preparation of Jobs and Economics Educational Examinations related such as Lecturer, Research Analyst, and Economist, etc.

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1. According to the law of increasing return, marginal product


2. Ushr implies on


3. The elasticity of demand for durable goods is


4. Rent of the building is included in


5. Who described Economics as a science of wealth?


6. Who presented the quantity theory of money?


7. When the price falls supply


8. The quality of a good which satisfies a human want to called as


9. In inflation prices


10. Who is responsible for profit and loss in the business?


11. The methods of measuring the elasticity of supply are


12. The economy gets prosperity during


13. Inflation will be useful for


14. National income does not include


15. The economy gets maximum prosperity during


16. Which Economists presented the law of diminishing marginal utility?


17. It is a Federal Tax


18. The other name of the law of diminishing return is


19. International trade has the benefits


20. Average revenue is equal to


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