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Computational Thinknig Quiz 3

1. What is a model?


2. Which one is a computational modeling strategy?


3. You are preparing for a football match, and your captain starts briefing the team about past successful and unsuccessful strategies against the opposition. What is this an example of?


4. What is the use of a graph?


5. What is a computational model?


6. As a teacher, which one would you do if you were practicing computational thinking?


7. As a teacher, which one would you do if you were practicing systems thinking?


8. Which one of the following statements is true?


9. Designing a science experiment based on famous scientist’s previous experimental design requires what activity?


10. What is data analysis?


11. Why are systems thinking important in computational thinking?


12. Which of the following can be ignored while trying to understand how analog clocks work?


13. Which of these is important while creating a computational model?


14. To be able to explain why a car skids, which of the following characteristics can be ignored?


15. Which of the following is true for computational models?


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