Quadratic Equation-1

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1. The product of all four fourth roots of 81 is


2. The convert $ax^{2n} + bx^n + c =0 (a\ne 0) $ into quadratic form, the correction substitution


3. The cube roots of unity are


4. Solution set of the equation $x^2 – 4x + 4 = 0$ is


5. The sum of all four fourth roots are 16 is


6. The equation in which variable quantity occurs in exponent is called


7. Sum of all cube roots of 64 is


8. $(-1 + \sqrt{-3})^5 + (-1 – \sqrt{-3})^5$ is equal to


9. The equation $ax^2 + bx + 9 =0$ will be quadratic if


10. The equations involving radical expressions of the variable are called


11. $16\omega^4 + 16 \omega^8$


12. The sum of all four fourth roots of unity is


13. The product of all four fourth roots of unity is


14. The roots which satisfy radical free equation but not radical equation are called


15. To convert $ 4^{1+x} + 4^{1-x} =10$ into quadratic, the substitution is


16. The equation which remains unchanged if $x$ is replaced by $\frac{1}{x}$, then it is called


17. The quadratic formula for solving the equation $ax^2 + bx + c =0$ is $(a\ne 0)$


18. The cube roots of $-1$ are


19. Product of all cube roots of $-1$ is


20. The complex cube roots of unit are ______________ each other


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