Number System-2

The Quiz about Number System from Mathematics of Intermediate Part-I (First Year).

MCQs Mathematics covering the topic of the Number system for the preparation of Intermediate mathematics.

1. For all $a,b \in R$, $a=b \Rightarrow b=a$ is called ________ property


2. For $a,b,c \in R$, $a+c=b+c \Rightarrow a=b$, then it is ______ property


3. If $a>0$ and $b<0$, then


4. If $\frac{a}{b}=\frac{ka}{kb}$, $k\ne 0$, this rule is called


5. For $a,b,c \in R$, and $a>b, b>c \Rightarrow a>c$, then it is ________ property


6. For $a,b,c \in R$, if $a>b$ and $c<0$, then


7. For $a,b,c \in R$, $a=b\Rightarrow ac=bc$, then it is _______ property


8. If $n$ is an integral multiple of 4, then $(i)^n$ is equal to


9. If $ a < b $ then


10. For $a,b,c \in R$, if $a<b$ and $c>0$, then which one is true


11. The multiplicative invers of 0 is


12. $a(b+c-d)=ab+ac-ad$ is _______ property


13. If $n$ is an odd number then $(i)^n$ is equal to


14. For $a,b,c \in R$, $a=b \Rightarrow a+c=b+c$, then it is ______ property


15. If $a$ is any non-zero real number, then its multiplicative inverse is


16. For $a,b,c \in R$ if $a=b, b=c \Rightarrow a=c$, then it is ______ property


17. For all $a\in R$, $a=a$ is ____________ property


18. The set $\{1\}$ has closure property with respect to


19. If $n$ is an even integer, then $(i)^n$ is equal to


20. The set $\{1,-1\}$ is closed with respect to


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