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MCQs Pedagogy – 3

MCQs related to Pedagogy for Preparation. Important and repeated Mcqs of Pedagogy/ Education for test preparation of NTS, KPPSC, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, CSS, PMS, and Educators Test. These MCQs are also useful for primary school teachers (PST), subject specialists (SST), physical education teachers (PET), Drawing masters, and Arabic teacher tests.

Most repeated pedagogy MCQs with answers for all types of teaching tests including SST, PST, ETEA, and other teaching jobs and interviews.

1. The most important work of a teacher is ___________?


2. When students begin learning with an activity designed to lead them to particular concepts or conclusions, the method of teaching is called ____________?


3. The able teacher is one who ____________?


4. ___________ are visual frameworks to help the learner make connections between concepts?


5. ____________ is an approach whereby a teacher or counselor poses questions to the student to allow them to explore ideas that may be complex or emotionally difficult.


6. The curriculum of educational institutes should be based on __________?


7. Discovery teaching is actually a ___________?


8. In Pedagogy computer is used to ____________?


9. When students are asked to leave the classroom to observe events organisms and objects in their natural surroundings the teacher is actually using _________ strategy to teach them?


10. The use of Internet for students in their educational activities is in your opinion:


11. Which of the following is NOT among the five senses?


12. The teaching approach in which students share knowledge with other students through a variety of structures is known as __________.


13. Dialectic method of inquiry was contributed by ______________?


14. The skill when students try to build abstract knowledge is called _________.


15. Education is a process in which knowledge and skills are transferred.


16. In your view, which one is the most important factor of the teaching process?


17. Traditionally the cards with a question, problem, or fact on one side and the answer or a related fact on the other side are called ________.


18. A teacher must check his own unruly behavior because?


19. Progressive education emphasizes learning by __________.


20. The psychomotor domain involves ____________?


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