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MCQs Microsoft Excel 1

Let us start the MCQs about Microsoft Excel.

This quiz is about Microsoft Excel for the preparation of different examinations such as FPSC, PPSC, college, and University Exams/ Tests.

1. The number of columns in MS-Excel 2007 are:


2. In a computer spreadsheet rows are labeled ________ ?


3. Which function calculates the largest value in a set of numbers?


4. In a computer spreadsheet, which is true if current or active cell is B4 and you pressed Enter key?


5. Which command can be set to prohibit or allow a cell entry?


6. To move to next cell in row in Ms Excel:


7. MS Excel file can NOT be directly exported as ______


8. You can edit existing Excel data by pressing the:________ key?


9. In a computer spreadsheet, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX are examples of __________ ?


10. Actual working area of Microsoft Excel is ________ ?


11. Getting data from a cell located In a different sheet is called ___________?


12. Select correct statement


13. When you insert an Excel file into a word document, the data are?


14. In a computer spreadsheet, cell range A3 through G3 should be keyed in as _________ ?


15. The first cell in excel worksheet is labeled as _________?


16. An excel workbook is a collection of __________?


17. ________ is the best alternative to MS Excel offered by Google Inc.


18. In a computer spreadsheet, block of cells is called __________ ?


19. In Microsoft Excel, the file you create and edit is called


20. _________ function in MS Excel worksheet represents the total number(s) of entries in the cell(s).


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