General Knowledge-1

These general knowledge Multiple Choice questions are useful for the different types of examinations conducted by FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, UTs, PTs, CTs, ATs, and other government testing agencies of Pakistan.

A quiz about General Knowledge for the preparation of PPSC, FPSC, CSS, and other Competitive examinations.

1. The “Etihad Airways” is an airline of


2. The Israel currency name is ________


3. Yellow sea lies between _______


4. The surface of Earth is divided into _______ continents


5. The largest planet of the solar system is _________


6. __________ is the largest ocean in the Earth


7. The Second largest continent (by area) in the world


8. Taka is the currency of ___________


9. The Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 was awarded to


10. _____ is called the Land of thousands lake.


11. The Land of Golden fibre _______


12. _________ is the smallest continent (by area) of the World


13. The world longest bridge over water is ____________


14. The news agency of Yemen is


15. Vienna is the capital of _________


16. SANA is the news agency of __________


17. The world’s Largest continent (by area) is


18. the deepest part of the Earth __________


19. The highest mountain in the world is


20. The largest democratic country in the world is


Usually, in competitive or job-related examination the general knowledge-related MCQs come in objective type papers with four or five options. The  MCQs consist of world Atmosphere, Science, Geography, Literature, and history, etc.

General Knowledge

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