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Correct Use of Tenses 3

The quiz is about “Correct use of Tenses”. It will help you to practice the structure of sentences and paragraphs. Let us start the quiz about “Correct use of Tenses”.

The quiz is related to “Correct use of Tenses (Verbs)” This test is useful for Schools, Colleges, and Universities examinations related to the subject of English. The quiz “Correct use of Tenses” will also help to prepare for competitive examinations, GRE, NTS, PPSC, FPSC, and other tests.

1. I let you know the result as soon as it is announced.


2. His boss be angry with him even when he is late.


3. I just take tea.


4. I not sell this motorcycle yet


5. I am looking forward to meet my teacher.


6. I learn the poem and written it out.


7. I have never seen him play football, so I know how good he is.


8. I buy a new dress, and now I want to buy some new shoes.


9. I remember I meet you last year.


10. I certainly help her if it had been possible.


11. Hundreds of years ago people believe a lot of things they don’t believe today.


12. Hurry up lest you shall miss the college bus.


13. I am sorry about this noise you can hear. She practise for a concert.


14. I live here since 1960.


15. I always boil water before i dring it.


16. I promise that I get to work on time every morning in future.


17. I have go now.


18. I am sure he look after his parents if he became rich.


19. I saw a rat while I look for my shoes.


20. I cannot leave this place until I finish this work.


Sometimes we combine parts of a sentence that are in different tenses, for example, one part may be in the present tense and the other part may be in the future tense.

As a general rule, the verb tense you are using should be consistent throughout your sentence and your paragraph. Consider an example:

The sentence

“We had eaten dinner, and then we talked”

should be written as

“We ate dinner, and then we talked”

Correct use of Tenses

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