Computer Software

This test contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to Computer Software.

MCQs about computer software for the preparation of computer science-related degrees such as ICS, BS computer science, and computer-related certificates.

1. Antivirus software is type of


2. A ____________ program performs a single maintenance or repair task, that includes checking for viruses, uninstalling program, deleting data, fragmentation and scanning of disk.


3. A ____________ is a kind of windows that appears temporarily and disappears once the users has entered requested information.


4. _____________ includes those programs that control the operations of a computer system as well as devices that make up the computer system.


5. A _____________ is a setting that the software publisher has pre-programmed under the assumption that this option is the choice favoured by most of the users.


6. A ______________ is a program that translate (convert) human language (high-level language) into a machine language


7. Restarting a computer while the power is still on is called


8. A ____________ is a program that translates an entire computer programming code into machine language before the program will run.


9. The ___________ is an operating system program that manages computer components, peripheral devices, and memory.


10. Starting a computer after power has been turned off is referred to as


11. ______________ includes programs (software) that perform a single task such as word processing, spreadsheet analysis or database management.


12. ___________ is the terms used alternatively for programs and it tells a computer what to do and how to do?


13. The procedure for starting or restarting a computer is called


14. A _______________ is a security system software that acts as a boundary to protect a computer or network from unauthorized access


15. _______________ is an interface that uses buttons, menus, and symbols, making it easier to work with text, graphics, and other elements.


16. The _____________ is memory resident that is remains in memory while the computer is in operation.


17. A program that enables a computer to communicate with devices such as printer and monitor is a


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