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Computer Hardware

This test contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to basic computer hardware.

MCQs about computer Hardware for the preparations of computer-related examinations such as intermediate ICS, BS computer science, and computer-related certificates

1. __________ includes all of the physical components (devices) that make up the system unit and the other devices (such a mouse, monitor, and keyboard, etc.).


2. A computer component that contains a single chip and serves as the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) is called


3. A small electronic chip (programmed) for use in another product, such as a digital camera or microwave oven is called


4. The main circuit board in a personal computer that provides for the installation and connection of other electronic components is called


5. Devices that can store instructions and data permanently are called


6. The main component of motherboard is the


7. The most powerful, fastest, and most expensive of all computers is the


8. Output devices such a printers produce output in


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