Computer Hardware

This test contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to basic computer hardware.

MCQs about computer Hardware for the preparations of computer-related examinations such as intermediate ICS, BS computer science, and computer-related certificates

1. A small electronic chip (programmed) for use in another product, such as a digital camera or microwave oven is called


2. The most powerful, fastest, and most expensive of all computers is the


3. __________ includes all of the physical components (devices) that make up the system unit and the other devices (such a mouse, monitor, and keyboard, etc.).


4. A computer component that contains a single chip and serves as the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) is called


5. The main component of motherboard is the


6. The main circuit board in a personal computer that provides for the installation and connection of other electronic components is called


7. Devices that can store instructions and data permanently are called


8. Output devices such a printers produce output in


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