Computational Thinknig Quiz 1

1. What is abstraction?


2. What do data manipulation methods include?


3. What is data generation?


4. What is computational thinking?


5. Decomposition is


6. What is pattern recognition?


7. What is data Manipulation?


8. Designing a science experiment based on a famous scientist’s previous experimental design requires what activity?


9. Why do we need to think computationally?


10. What method would you use to find a common theme across multiple events that led to the American Revolution?


11. 5) What does algorithm design means?


12. What do quantitative data-collection tools include?


13. What do data-gathering methods include?


14. Pretend you created an algorithm to put these names in alphabetical order:

Jamal, Berthe, Sulye, Wyatt.

After an algorithm ran the first time, what would the order of the names be?


15. Which one of the following is an example of computational thinking?


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