Basic Math MCQs

This “Basic Math MCQs” quiz is about Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for the subject of Business Mathematics. MCQs about Business Mathematics will help the students to learn fundamental concepts and will enable them to self-assessment the core concepts related to mathematics and the application of mathematics in business, science, industry, social science, and daily life problems.

This test covers the topics of integers, fractions, variables, and expression.

1. Product of two negative integers is always


2. The expression for sum of numbers $a$ and $b$ subtracted from their product is


3. In addition and subtraction of two integers, the sign of the answer depends upon


4. Which of the following is not an equivalent fraction of $\frac{3}{5}$?


5. A car runs 20 KM using 1-liter petrol. How much distance will it cover in $1\frac{1}{4}$ liter of petrol?


6. Person $A$ worked for $\frac{1}{2}$ hour. Person $B$ worked for $\frac{1}{4}$ of an hour. For how much time did both works together?


7. A water bottle contains 2 liters of water. Person $B$ drank $\frac{1}{8}$ of water. How much water did $B$ drink?


8. The sum of two negative integers is always


9. Subtract $a-b$ from $a+b$, the result is


10. Person $X$ ate $\frac{3}{5}$ of an orange. The remaining orange was eaten by Person $B$. What part of the orange was eaten.


11. What is $\frac{1}{4}$ of $5\frac{1}{3}$ of ?


12. The sum of two positive numbers is always


13. Which of the following is a fraction


14. Write the expression for the statement: The sum of three times $X$ and 11


15. Which of the following is a mixed fraction?


16. Write an expression: Raju’ Father’s Age is 5 years more than 3 times Raju’s age. If Raju’s age is $X$ years, then the father’s age is


17. Person $A$ reads $1\frac{1}{2}$ hours daily. Person $B$ reads $\frac{1}{2}$ hours daily. How many hours do they read for in one day?


18. Which of the following is an imporper fraction


19. There are 40 students in a class. $\frac{1}{2}$ of the total number of students are Hindus. The number of Hindus is


20. The fraction $\frac{p+q}{q}$ equal


This test is about some basic concepts of numbers, fractions, integers, expression, and basic calculations. These free online MCQs test covers basic to advance math concept. This test is related to basic mathematics operations such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also covers some daily life examples related to fractions and mathematical expression. Some related word problems are also included in the test. Let us start with the Basic Mathematics MCQs test

This series of tests will also help the students to prepare themself for different kinds of examinations related to business studies such as Commerce, Management Sciences, Public Administration, Charted Accountancy, and ICAMP (Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan), etc. This test is also useful for the preparation of NTS, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, CSS, PMS tests, and school, college, or university-related exams.

Basic Math MCQs

For Intermediate first year Mathematics